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The Band Fans is the parent group that supports the Roslyn Marching band. We are about to kick off our 2022 season!

Stay tuned for opportunities to volunteer to help make our season successful!

Our first parent meeting will be on March 2, 2022, when the marching band hosts its 2022 Open House. 


Syracuse Parent Hotel Information 2021

Parents, click the link below to book your room for championships!


Looking for Roslyn Marching Band Sportswear? Click PDF Below! 




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Board Positions and Descriptions

Co- President: The co-president schedules and runs the meetings.  He/She is responsible to co-sign all checks (two signatures are required on each check.)  He/She is responsible to work with treasurer to make sure the funds are accounted for and the annual tax return is filed.  He/She is responsible to maintain the insurance policies.  The co-Presidents act as liaisons between Mr. Mauriello and the parents.  They oversee all the band fan parents’ donations and work with the board to confirm how the funds are to be spent in accordance with the bylaws of the organization.  They oversee all board member and committee positions, and provide assistance as needed.

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible to maintain the books and records of the organization and to create financial documents (e.g. Profit and Loss statement for the year, Budgets, etc.) in order that annual governmental filings may be made.  The Treasurer makes all deposits and keeps track of the sub categories of income and expenses for budget purposes. The Treasurer holds the checkbook and reconciles all statements from the bank. The Treasurer supplies the accountant and board with the information needed to prepare a proper tax return. 

Recording Secretary: The secretary takes notes at all Band Fans meetings and prepares minutes as an official record for the organization.  He/she circulates the minutes for approval, sends the minutes to Mr. Mauriello to publish on the website, and keeps a log of minutes, all handouts, and attendance records for the year.

Communications Vice President: The communications VP is responsible to contact our local newspapers with photos and articles to generate interest and ultimately to have the band events published.

Fundraising Vice President The fundraising VP is responsible for coordinating the fundraising efforts of the organization along with the committee members.  Currently the main fundraising events are the Band Journal and the Cake & Pie Sale.  The VP Fundraising may be called on to suggest other ways to raise money for the band fans.

Hospitality Vice President: The hospitality VP brings coffee and snacks to all Band Fans Meetings. He/She is also responsible for the organizing the Recognition Dessert Party held in May by coordinating the collection of food and supplies needed to run the function. He/She coordinates the Pizza Party held at the end of homecoming parade including ordering all food and securing parent volunteers.  He/She coordinates any parent dinners at off-site competitions, and any other gatherings as needed.

Marketing Vice President: This position is responsible for outreach to the Band Fans and to the community at large.  He/She oversees the use of technology for the organization’s internal communications.  He/She maintains the Facebook page and the Band Fans presence on other social media.  

2021-2022 Executive Board:

In accordance with the By-Laws, the following is the slate of officers for the 2021-2022 Executive Board. Terms begin immediately:

Dena Weiner               Co-President

Jillian Weisman          Co-President

Teena Lee                     Secretary

Jessica McHugh         Treasurer

Jessica Stam               VP Communications

Jodi Zacharias            VP Fundraising

Cheri Dubner               VP Hospitality

Dan Turetsky                VP Innovation

Carin Silverman         VP Marketing