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Leadership / Points

Earning points is the best way to earn a leadership role in our

marching band. The top 30 students on the points list are guaranteed a

position for the following season. There are many different ways to earn

points throughout our training and competition season. Keep your eyes

open for opportunities to earn points!

2023-2024 Roslyn Marching Bulldogs Student Leaders

Drum Majors: Juliette Marchlewski, Jin Chavez, Becca Fein 

Assistant Drum Majors: Sophie Glass, Alex Jon, Safiya Bhuiyan

Field Majors: Julia Chen

Field Assistants: Teddy Hua, Tori Siegel, Annabel Nussbaum


Executive Board

President: Daphne Lin

Vice President: Victor Chan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Shiloh Ye

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Darwin Yang

Chief Information Officer (CIO): Ellie Wang

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Arabella Calo

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): David Sun

Secretary of Social Media (SSM): Teddy Cheng

Historian: Matthew Lin

Librarian: Danielle Chen

Secretary: Laraine Cheng

Photographer: Connor Stam



Head Manager: Ternence Liu

Uniform Managers: Jacqueline King, Eileen Zheng

Managers: Zachary Lee, James Lok, Krish Sharma, Ziyu Wan

Assistant Managers: Camryn Carter, Allen Yi

Colorguard Movement Manager: Sophia Song 

Colorguard Head Equipment/Sound Managers: Sofia Lee, Alyx Corrado 

Colorguard Equipment/Sound Managers: Avani Varghese, Audrey Tseng 

Colorguard Wellness Managers: Aasiya Zaidi, Riley Danbusky

Colorguard Appearance Manager: Kira Diament



Chief Captains: Ethan Lee (Woodwind) and Matthew Lee (Brass)

Flute Captain: Taryn Lee 

Clarinet Captain: Robert Krol

Bass Clarinet Captain: Lizzy Hsaio

Alto Sax Captain: Jolie Nguyen

Trumpet Captain: Benjamin Lee

Mellophone Captain: Paul Lee 

Trombone Captain: Jacob Goldberg

Sousaphone Captain: Birch Lee 

Battery Captains: Julia Fogel, Hyunkyung Park, Victoria Yun, Mason Lee

Pit Captain: Wilson Romero-Granados

Electronics Captain: Ethan Berkowitz

Colorguard Head Captain: Avery Sulenski

Colorguard Co-Captains: Winnie Li and Natalie Solano 

Colorguard Junior Captains: Eliana Stuhl-Phelps, Casey Chung, Lily Ahearn



Frank Mauriello, Band Director & Director of High School Bands

Amy Hasenflue and Tim Doran, Assistant Directors

Michael Coppola, Drill Design & Instruction

Mark Carman, Percussion Director & Battery Percussion Arranger

David Abrams, Music/Marching Instructor

Kenny Frank, Battery Percussion Instructor

Nicholas Hall, Front Ensemble Instructor

Anthony DeMarino, Colorguard Director & Choreographer

Amanda Alves, Colorguard Instructor & Choreographer

Lisa Keegan, Colorguard Instructor & Choreographer

Dina Ramalhete, Colorguard Instructor & Choreographer

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