Leadership / Points

Earning points is the best way to earn a leadership role in our marching band.  There are many different ways to earn points throughout our training and competition season. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to earn points!

 Click here for the 2022 RMB Student Leader Contracts 

2022-2023 Roslyn Marching Bulldogs Student Leaders

Head Drum Majors: Tyler Turetsky, Lydia Lee

Drum Majors: Joseph Chen, Zully Deleon 

Assistant Drum Majors: Rebecca Fein, Sophie Glass, Juliette Marchlewski 

Field Majors: Jin Chavez, Rebecca Han 


Executive Board

President: Sophie Weisman

Vice President: Daphne Lin 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Kendal Ho  

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Moses Lee

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO): Logan Grotas, Mac Schwartz

Chief Information Officer (CIO): Hussaina Deesawala, 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Matthew Fliegler, Dylan Goodman

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Wayne Shih

Uniform Managers: Julia Chen, Fariha Majumder

Historians: Birch Lee, Torian Smith

Librarians: Hyunkyung Park, Kevin Zhang, Zachary Zung

Secretaries: Theodore Cheng

Head Manager: Victor Chan 

Managers: Benjamin Lee, Ethan Lee, Darwin Yang

Assistant Managers: Camryn Carter, Michael Chen, Riley Danbusky

Colorguard Equipment Managers: Casey Chung, Sofia Lee, Eliana Stuhl-Phelps

Colorguard Wellness Manager: Aasiya Zaidi 

Colorguard Social Media Manager: Audrey Tseng 



Chief Captains: Clare Son (Woodwinds), Matthew Lee (Brass)

Flute Captain: Jadyn Lee

Clarinet Captain: Julia Weingarten 

Bass Clarinet Captain: Emelie Nguyen 

Alto Sax Captain: Liam McHugh   

Trumpet Captain: Logan Huckins 

Mellophone Captain:  

Trombone Captain: Jacob Goldberg 

Tuba Captain: Dina Nabavian 

Battery Captains: Sammy Lichtenstein, Daniel Lee

Pit Captains: Ryan Chen, Wilson Romero-Granados

Colorguard Captains: Macie Cohen, Rachel Kwon, Natalie Lee

Colorguard Jr. Captains: Winnie Li, Natalie Solano, Avery Sulenski


Frank Mauriello, Band Director & Director of High School Bands

Tim Doran and Amy Steinmann, Assistant Directors

Michael Coppola, Drill Design & Instruction 

Mark Carman, Percussion Director & Battery Percussion Arranger

David Abrams, Music/Marching Instructor

Kenny Frank, Battery Percussion Instructor

Christina Cinnamo, Front Ensemble Instructor

DJ Burns, Front Ensemble Instructor

Anthony DeMarino, Colorguard Director & Choreographer 

Amanda Alves, Colorguard Instructor & Choreographer

Lisa Keegan, Colorguard Instructor & Choreographer

Lauren Chiarelli, Colorguard Instructor & Choreographer

Point Leaders
Top 30
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