Jazz Project


What is the High School Jazz Project?

This is our high school jazz band. The group this year will meet on Zoom at a time TBD, is graded, and students must attend all scheduled rehearsals. This is a class, so you must be at all rehearsals in order to receive credit. You have to work out your club, drivers-ed, and extra-curricular groups around this class. You will need to sign a contract after you are accepted showing that you understand these responsibilities.


Click PDF Below for Jazz Project Syllabus






Jazz Project Roster 2020-2021

Flute - Leah Arbitman

Flute - Shaina Arbitman

Flute - Jessica Chen

Flute - Garrick Cheng

Flute - Rebecca Fein

Flute - Yeji Kim

Flute - Katie Lam

Flute - Elena Lynn

Oboe - Michael Winston

Clarinet - Ariana Arken

Clarinet - Luke Christenson

Clarinet/Vocals - Maya Golos

Clarinet - Zach Herman

Clarinet - Abby Silverman

Alto Sax  - Jared Stein

Tenor Sax - Owen Edelstein

Tenor Sax - Sophia Zacharias

Trumpet - Hannah Fein

Trumpet - Matthew Fliegler

Trumpet  -  Monty Goldstein

Trumpet - Trevor Kim

Trumpet - Rylie Stam

Trumpet - Justin Weisser

F Horn - Daniel Liu

Trombone - Ben Farhi

Trombone - Jacob Goldberg

Trombone  -  Justin Mashaal

Trombone - Zoe Zung

Piano  -  Sammy Lichtenstein

Guitar -  Hannah Weiner, AJ Weinstock

Bass Guitar - Max Bergman

String Bass - Lilah Dicker

Strings - Jacob Silverman

Drums  -  Sammy Lichtenstein, Grace Peng

Percussion - Davey Fried

Mallet Percussion - Laura Chu, Sara Lok, Ria Malhotra

Voice - Logan Mastromarco