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Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2021

In attendance: Dena Weiner, Frank Mauriello, Jodi Zacharias, Jessica Stam, Beth Fried, Daniel Turetsky, Jillian Weisman 


  • Mini Band Camp success - We ran a very successful three days and generated a lot of interest.

  • Band status 2021/22

    • Purchases

      • Trailer- We voted to approve the purchase of a second trailer that will be donated to the Roslyn Schools.  We discussed how it will be donated (board letter) and that building and grounds will cover costs of insurance and vehicle costs to transport the trailer.

      • 2021 show props- Discussed proposed expenditures and approximate costs for the 2021 show (props, costumes) 

  • New Board positions and Nominations / Voting - Meeting will be held April 28 at 8PM to nominate next years board Nominations committee (Carolyn P, Sean McHugh, Dena Weiner, Beth Fried, Tanya Vidal, Slate:  Dena/ Jillian Co-Presidents, Jodi- Fundraising, Jessica- Apparel, Secretary- Carin Silverman, Hospitality-(TBD), Innovation- Dan, Treasurer- Jessica McHugh, Communications-(TBD)

  • Current Show and Parent Support- 

    • Meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 in the warehouse (April 28, 2021) to start working (Maintenance Building is located between Harbor Hill Elementary and Dunkin’ Donuts on Glen Cove Rd.)

    • Band Fans Meeting on zoom to share the genesis of the show with Anthony (April 29, 2021 7:00 PM)

  • Summer 2021 Band Camp- Parents are signing up and when the board approves the summer plans we will start to make plans for bunks etc. 

  • Syracuse- Hotel block of rooms was discussed and when we know the status of competition we can talk further about a parent dinner and details for October 

  • Paypal System- we discussed when and how to transfer money over to our account.  Possible automatic transfer or move when funds are high or after payments due dates.  

  • Current fundraising ideas

    • Restaurant (Moes, other) 

    • Summer Band Camp for 4th-7th Graders- possible ways to generate interest in music programs at the lower levels.  

  • Miscellaneous-  

    • Lawn signs to be purchased again for the band seniors as a thank you for their hard work (to be ordered and purchased by Band Fands)

    • Creating a Donation Tab on the website

    • Setting up a budget Proforma

  • Final Band Fans Meeting (possible social event) scheduled for May 26 at 7:00 PM on Zoom